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Have you ever wondered how many versions of Uno exist? Are you looking to buy a new set for yourself or someone else? We have the most comprehensive list of all Uno editions that has ever been created!

Gameplay Variations

Ready to spice up your family game night? Here you will find new twists on the classic game of Uno.

Special Wild Cards

This page describes many of the effects for Special Wild cards found in various versions of Uno.

Official Uno Rules

Are you looking for a refresher on the official rules of Uno? Here you go!


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Have a new variation for us to try? Want to add to our ever-growing catalog of Uno cards and rules? Want us to help resolve a dispute with your best friend about whether your Star Wars: The Force Awakens Uno is genuine? (Spoiler alert: it's counterfeit). Let us know! We love to hear from you!