Uno Variation: House Rules (Including Stacking Draw 2 Cards)

Uno Game with Draw Pile


Requirements: 1 or more Uno decks (any variety)

Players: 2+

Time: ~10 min/round

Rating: 8/10


These are the variations that we liked enough to make our default rules. Play according to official Uno rules except where they conflict with the following rules:

  1. "Stacking Draw 2s" (See also Stacking for more Uno draw card stacking options): When a Draw 2 card is played, the next person has the opportunity to play a Draw 2 card immediately to avoid drawing cards. The next person then has to either draw 4 cards or add her own Draw 2 card. Play continues until a player cannot add a Draw 2 to the pile. That person then draws the number of cards equal to all of the Draw 2s that were stacked and play continues with the next person. (For a further variation, allow "Stacking Draw 4s").
  2. "Starting Neutral": When the top card is turned over to begin play, it is deemed to have no effect (i.e. if it is a Draw 2 card, the first player is not required to draw). If the card is a Wild, the next card is turned over.
  3. "No Scoring": The Uno rules suggest keeping track of players' scores at the end of each round. With this variation, the game ends when the first person plays his last card. That person is then declared the winner and a new game begins. Alternately, the remaining players can continue playing to determine 2nd place and so on.
  4. "No-limits Draw 4s": Draw 4 cards can be played at any time even if a player is able to match the color in play.


This variation turns Uno into a fast-moving game with a slightly more strategy involved in winning each round (particularly with the Draw 2s). This game is easily repeated to allow all a chance for some sort of victory, even those with less experience. And it is particularly fun for 2 player games.


The main disadvantage to this variation is that some strategy is removed by taking out the scoring.


A great variation for quick, fun, casual games of Uno with a bit of an edge. Feel free to use and modify these rules to create your own house rules. Also, if you come up with any you particularly like, please share them!